Becoming a Digital Freight Broker

On a recent episode of the Mcleod Insights podcast, Keri Hodnett (Product Manager at McLeod Software) provided a number of helpful insights explaining how traditional brokers can leverage the digitization of freight to earn a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Keri’s background working for a brokerage, as well as her current role as Product Manager for McLeod, provides her with a unique lens to understand the current issues brokerages are facing. One of the most frequently discussed topics is the digitization of freight and over-simplification of the future of brokerages being run digitally. Many in and around the industry discuss the digitization of freight as if it will replace brokers altogether and create an entirely digital ecosystem connecting shippers with carriers. While the technology theoretically exists to create such a reality, Keri believes there is more complexity to the equation than simple tech.

“You Can’t Digitize Trust.”

Keri believes that freight brokerages can leverage technology to better serve the customer relationships they’ve cultivated over decades of work.

“You can’t digitize trust,” Keri said. The idea that brokers will be replaced or become unnecessary as a result of technology is far-fetched. Traditional freight brokerages aren’t going anywhere, and customers still need a name and face they can rely on when shipping a load.

Instead, brokerages can use tools like McLeod’s PowerBroker to facilitate connection and serve customer needs. Digital freight matching features allow shippers to connect a large number of loads with carriers in an automated fashion, ultimately saving time and energy on otherwise repetitive tasks. TopMatch is another McLeod tool that allows users to find the best suited carrier for a specific load size. Traditional and digital brokerages can benefit from the use of these tools, alike.

These features (and others) can give traditional brokerages the edge they need to remain competitive and serve their customers in a modern way, while continuing to provide the service their customers have come to rely upon.

Freight brokerages continue to evolve, but some things remain the same as they always have. Connecting and serving customers in a fast and friendly manner will always have a place in the freight brokerage industry.To find out more about McLeod’s technology or to inquire about the tools mentioned, visit or send an email to [email protected]