Trip Planning: Using Tools to Make Better Decisions

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with team members Randal Sanchez, Solutions Architect, and Kem Wallace, Senior Solutions Architect at McLeod Software. We discussed trip planning and better management techniques for transportation companies.  Major Variables that Affect Trip Planning When it comes to dispatchers, customer service representatives, and planners, the idea […]

Analyzing Profitability

The latest episode of McLeod Insights features Jody Farley and Mike Masteller, team members here at McLeod Software. We discussed the importance of analyzing profitability for trucking and logistics companies. Mike and Jody share some useful tips for how you can start analyzing profitability in your own operations. Where Should Companies Start? Most companies determine […]

The Path to Success with Back Office Automation

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with Dave Dunn, FlowLogix Imaging Specialist here at McLeod Software.  Dave got his start in the trucking industry two decades ago. Over the years, he has become well-rounded in both payroll (bill process, invoicing, accounts receivable) and trucking operations. When he first began his career, […]

Acting on Your Data

In this episode, we sit down with Criss Wilson, Data Scientist at McLeod to talk about key data points that companies should recognize in their software what those companies can do to make key data decisions. Before joining the McLeod team, Criss worked in material handling with Victoria’s Secret in Columbus, Ohio, then worked for […]

Helping Drivers Be Successful with Your Technology

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with two members of the McLeod Software team, Kem Wallace and Devon Zacharias, to discuss how to help drivers be successful with your technology. We talked about strategies for adopting technology, how to help companies and drivers adopt technology more readily, and the best ways […]

Get Paid for Detention

$25,000 per week. That is how much Jennifer Brim was able to bill for detention when she was helping manage a 750 truck operation prior to her work at McLeod Software. Now an Account Relationship Manager at McLeod, Jennifer joined the McLeod Insights podcast to share her experience and guidance for trucking companies who are […]

Becoming a Digital Freight Broker

On a recent episode of the Mcleod Insights podcast, Keri Hodnett (Product Manager at McLeod Software) provided a number of helpful insights explaining how traditional brokers can leverage the digitization of freight to earn a competitive edge in the marketplace. Keri’s background working for a brokerage, as well as her current role as Product Manager […]

Ben Lyon and Jason Miller of Katz, Sapper, & Miller (KSM)

Introduction of our guests On this episode of McLeod Insights, we sit down with Ben Lyon and Jason Miller of Katz, Sapper, & Miller (KSM) accounting firm to discuss an overview of 2019, preview of 2020, and expected FASB changes to Industry Accounting Principles.  KSM is one of the leading public accounting firms within the […]