20: Leadership Interview: Matt Ziegler of ZMac Transportation

Today’s episode is a conversation from McLeod’s recent user conference and features our customer Matt Ziegler, President of ZMac Transportation and Glen Lowry. In this episode, you will learn how ZMac preserved a positive employee and customer engagement with the changing culture after Covid. Matt discusses the company’s guiding principles on maintaining growth and success in the coming years.


18: Keeping Driver Pay Promises Using Automation

In the latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with Tiffany Giekes, FlowLogix Business Analyst here at McLeod Software. We discussed how technology may be automated to ensure drivers are getting paid fairly and on time. 

Tiffany helps McLeod Software customers build-out process automation routines using FlowLogix. She works alongside customers who need to determine where automation best fits within their business, and how they can apply it.


17: Seizing the Promise of Digital Freight Matching: The Technology Available Today

In the latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with our team members, Keri Hodnett, Product Owner of PowerBroker, and Dacia Gulledge, Product Owner of Interfaces. Keri gained experience working with both large and small brokerage companies before transitioning to her current role. Dacia came to McLeod from a web design and development background, which led to her involvement with interface integrations. 

They discussed technology’s evolution in the freight matching process, freight matching from the broker’s point of view, and how to use technology to improve your company’s relationship with carriers.


15: Leadership Discussion: Adaptability and Technology in Transportation with Houston Vaughn, P&S Transportation

In this episode of McLeod Insights, Seth Clevenger, Managing Editor of Features at Transport Topics interviews Houston Vaughn, President, and COO of P&S Transportation. They discuss how P&S successfully adapted to the COVID-19 crisis, the role software and analytics play at P&S, the company’s guiding practices, and how technology has helped the company integrate its business acquisitions.


14: Leadership Discussion with Lindsey Graves, Sunset Transportation

Our latest episode of McLeod Insights is a conversation from McLeod’s recent Virtual User Conference, featuring Lindsey Graves, COO of Sunset Transportation, and Deborah Lockridge, Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Duty Trucking. Deborah interviewed Lindsey to discuss her work as a leader in a family-owned business, and how Sunset Transportation uses McLeod Software to improve their daily operations.


13: Trip Planning for Driver Efficiency

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with McLeod’s Chris Powers. We discussed driver retention, technology for trip planning, how dispatchers and drivers can work together to better manage trip planning, and how to better address service incidents.


12: Using KPI’s to Reduce Driver Turnover

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with McLeod’s Barry Brookins. We discussed how a company can improve its driver retention and recruiting by ensuring it keeps the promises that it makes.


11: Bid Season is Near

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with Criss Wilson to discuss bid season in the transportation industry. Criss is a Data Scientist here at McLeod, and an industry veteran.


09: Best Practices for Dispatch Operations

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with McLeod Customer Advocate, Thorny Embly, to discuss how trucking companies can capitalize on their technology investment to best serve their customers and improve their overall business processes. 


05: Acting on Your Data

In this episode, we sit down with Criss Wilson, Data Scientist at McLeod to talk about key data points that companies should recognize in their software and what those companies can do to make key data decisions.